Wednesday, April 7, 2010

LOVE | photo contest

It's time for a contest!!!!! YEAH!!!

I am a big sap...everyone who knows me, knows's why I do what I do. Weddings & engagements are my favourite thing, because there's an abundance of LOVE! So, since I'm feeling the LOVE, I decided to throw some LOVE out there and offer up my services for free, in the form of a LOVE contest! And since April is rather a dull, quiet month, its time to shake things up and show you that dull & wet April is a great time for pictures!!!

So here's the contest...drop me a line to and tell me why you want me to shoot you (with a camera, that is! LOL), why I should choose you and a little about yourself. Now, this is a couples contest, so I want people in boyfriends & girlfriends, fiances or husband & wives of all ages! There will be a winner for NEW clients and PAST clients! (and sorry, it really is just for couples, no children allowed at this shoot...we'll save that for another contest!)

Now be prepared to go crazy places or do some crazy things, have some fun and most of all be prepared to show me your LOVE. Each couple will spend 2-3 hours with me and receive an online gallery, 4x6 prints and an 8x10 portrait. That's over $200 value! The shoot will take place in the Kawartha Lakes area - but you are welcome to come from anywhere!

So what are you waiting for...send me a line, make me feel the LOVE!
But hurry, contest closes next Wednesday, the 14th of April at midnight. I will announce the winner on the 15th...and your shoot will be completed by the end of April!

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  1. Well, how am I suppose to get there that quickly... Plus Mike doesn't want to be in the next pictures you take of me!!! LOL Love you!!!