Friday, March 26, 2010

The Gugliotta Family

It's almost time to welcome baby #2 to the Gugliotta family and we decided to do a little different maternity shoot this time around. So we headed for the park, jumped in some puddles and played in the leaves. OHHH boy doesn't little Dominic have a heart warming smile? I think I giggled all the way thru my editing!
Can't wait to see your little girl! Congratulations!

"it's ok Mom, I'll just stay here and hold the umbrella"

Sorry Mom...I probably created a monster after this shot at the end of the day - he had so much fun, and I'm sure all he wants to do now is play in puddles!

I wanted to get a picture of Dominic holding Mommy's belly, but he wasnt matter how Dad tried to explain.

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  1. you always capture the best moments !!!!!!!!!!