Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Travis & Claire | ENGAGEMENT

Travis & Claire are getting married in 2 weeks in the Mayan Riviera. This couple is so gorgeous and so much fun, I know they are going to have an amazing wedding! Wish I were going with you guys! Congratulations!

During this last shot, some kids came ripping over the hill on their dirtbikes...not knowing that I was there. I grabbed my gear and scrambled out of the way before they ran into me. So since they were there, we thought we'd incorporate one of them into our shot!


  1. Melissa Packman-WinsleyApril 28, 2010 at 8:50 PM

    love these shots Kim, you can really feel the love between them. Wish I could've seen everyone's faces (including the kids on the bikes) when the dirtbikes came up over the hill lol!

  2. Thanks Melissa
    I so wished I had snapped a shot when the kids crested the hill too...but i was too busy scrambling from getting hit!! It totally freaked them out and I'm glad they didnt crash. But they were pretty pleased to be asked to do it again!