Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kimberly & Jeff | WEDDING

It was miserable out...cold, windy, rainy. Just miserable. But that did not stop Kim & Jeff from having a fabulous day. And although everyone was chilly, we were all laughing and having a great time doing pictures out in that mess. The big umbrella got whipped backwards...hilarious! And that was at the beginning of pictures! I said are you sure you want to be out here, in this? OH yes...lets do this! What a trooper. So glad we did. The pictures were fabulous and unique! And despite all that wind & rain, her hair was as good at the end of the day, as it was at the beginning!

Now, one little side note. You will see that Kimberly is a stunning woman. But check out Grandma. Wow. If I can look half that good at her age - and fashionable too. And check her out on the dance floor!

Kim & Jeff, congratulations. Thanks for having me there.

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