Monday, November 14, 2011

Amber & Randy | WEDDING

So many things in this day to tell you about...where to start. Everything in the day was on time, which meant we had lots of time for pictures - which means GREAT pictures! The guys were a hoot to follow in the morning getting ready - havin' a beer, playing some pool and guitars. (btw, they were good!). You will notice when you see Amber's eyes - they are the most incredible shade of blue - and no, I didn't "photoshop" them. Those are hers!

Amber's Dad brought a shotgun to the ceremony - there's a story behind that & you'll have to ask Steve, but we went on to take some pictures with it on the railbridge by the Holiday Inn. While we were there a police officer came along and we all tried to subtley move in front of the gun, though there was no way he didnt see it. Well, he was there to get mad at me - the photographer - for trespassing. "You photographers always bringing couples out here. This is an active track and you are trespassing". He wanted to fine me $150. Nope. Not kidding. He didnt care about the gun - or the bums beside us with their bottle of whisky or the kids jumping off the bridge into the river. Just me. Are you kidding? the end he didn't give me a fine, just a warning. Hilarious! Another something funny - you'll also notice a picture during the reception of a shot gun shell with some faded out writing that says "randy". Let Amber's Dad explain that one too. Though I think you can figure it out.

All in all, it was a great day with lots of laughs and lots of great dancers too and more funny pictures! Fantastic wedding, fantastic couple. All the best!

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