Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Emily & Tyler | WEDDING

Well its quite a change in weather from their engagements pics. And both those days were absolutely fabulous for beautiful pictures! One of my favourite parts of the day was taking pics downtown Peterborough and there was an old bike chained to the fence. Right when I said "that would be so awesome if we could use that bike"...the owner came out and let us do just that! Oh, I could have had an entire shoot with that old bike! lol
And I absolutely love the families of these two! And it's obvious that Tyler's parents love Emily as much as their own children. Wow. What a great family to marry into. Tyler's Dad hardly got 2 sentences out before he broke down, welcoming Emiily to the family and I was so choked up with tears I could hardly breathe and hold my camera steady. I was so relieved when a few other sobs broke the silence so I could sob too. I'm such a big sap. And one of my favourite pix of the day - Emily dancing with her Dad. He is deaf and I got her in the middle of "I love you" sign. Just plain lovely. OH..and the hilarious dance with the wedding party to open the night. Just too funny!!!

I wish you guys a wonderful, long life together.

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