Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mona & Mathieu | WEDDING

If you follow my blog I am sure you know that I am simply in love with these two. Well their wedding was just as much of a treat as their engagement pictures. Before the ceremony, M & M went on a picnic, in an orchard! OMG. I love all the romance. Just makes me melt. Mona's family is so welcoming you could just pop over anytime and they would take you right in. Mathieu's family came from France and yes, I love all of them too! They were so much fun, (the men were flirty ha) and even though we didn't understand each other much, we figured it out!
What a spectacular day, with beautiful weather, lovely people and great food.
Mona & Mathieu, I wish you all the best life has to bring.


  1. Oh, Kim, you certainly captured the love, the beauty and the magic of this special day. It was so much fun!!! The pictures are gorgeous!! We love, love, love them! :) Thank you!!!- M&M

  2. You're both so welcome! My pleasure!

  3. where was the reception for this wedding? it's absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Reception was at the Iron Horse Ranch, near Bethany.

  5. Just checked this pictures now! So beautiful! M&M are gorgeous and you truly captured the day!
    Keri and Troy!